Celebrating America!

It feels like the past 6 weeks have been more like the Christmas season with all of the exciting things that have been lined up. Racing a couple Rev3’s, Lake Placid camp, Skyline Drive birthday rides – and there is still more to come! This past weekend kicked off one of my favorite times of year as the Tour de France has started. To celebrate the Tour AND the 4th of July I will be heading down to Atlanta tonight. Two years ago I raced the Peachtree 10k and swore I’d never be convinced to do the run again! However, when given the chance to race as a kickoff to a GAPS Camp with Haley and the Dynamo Crew down in Hotlanta, I couldn’t turn it down. So, here we are:


Hopefully the 6 miles doesn’t hurt me quite as bad as it did back then – because I’ll be following it up this time with 3 big days on the bike. I’m excited to get away and have some fun on 2 wheels to continue building my bike legs before Placid.

A few goals for the weekend:

-A sub-40 10k…..let’s set the bar high right?

-Make chamois butter my bff for the 350 miles of riding.

-Get some lessons in stick figure drawing from Haley.

-Make it through my first masters swim practice on Monday morning – excited this will be with the Dynamo crew!

And I don’t need to make having fun a goal because with these friends I’m pretty sure that’s a given 🙂

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