Time for the Blinders!

Well friends, we’ve made it to the <8 weeks point. With my first race of the season being mid-January, it seems crazy to think that the off season is almost (ALMOST) in sight. The good news is that I’ve been pretty darn proud of how I’ve made it to this point. Emotionally and physically I’ve held up quite well this year.

But when it’s 8 weeks to go, I assure you, that shit gets cray.

It seems like some sort of Murphy’s Law to have a flawless 8 months, and then all of a sudden everything I touch breaks. Electrical appliances, my car, my cat’s teeth, the projects I’m working on at work…..all of a sudden nothing is going right. The life stress of course seeps into every other aspect of things too. Crazy doubts begin to surface. Even though I’m doing nothing different than I have before, I find myself entertaining the thought that everyone trains harder than me. Everyone is faster than me. And clearly, I’ve totally overestimated my ability this year.

In past years, these thoughts would have brought me down a level. They would have actually affected my workouts. They would have caused me to lose sleep. But not any more….and I think there’s a word for that. Maturity maybe? Whatever it is called, I’m glad that with Hillary’s help the past few years I have arrived at a place where I can take a step back and understand the ridiculousness of these thoughts. I can identify where the stressors actually are, do what I can to make those better, and ignore the crazy.  I am, in a sense, putting on my blinders. I pay attention to me and do the things that I need to do to be successful at work, in my sessions, and have a little fun when I can too. And I don’t let myself feel guilty. Because, for 8 weeks, that’s okay. Because no matter what my crazy mind may try to trick me into believing, effort is between me and me. And I know the effort I’m putting in.


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