On Island Time

Aloha! While I know in the back of my head that the race is near, it’s kind of weird being out here on island time. Things truly run at a different pace than back home, and I’m constantly in a state of “what time is it? Wait….what DAY is it?”

As I swam off of Dig Me beach this morning, with the mountains on my left and endless waters on my right, I felt how lucky I am. So many friends surround me in this magical place, and so many more who cannot be  here are constantly sending their support from home. I feel like I never say it enough, but thank you to everyone near and far who supports me in this journey.

It has come to feel like a bit of a family reunion out here. Aside from the fact that life just moves at a slower pace, you have to also schedule in time throughout the day knowing you will run into friends endlessly and spend time catching up, hearing about their week, and wishing everyone luck for the weekend. I also set aside time for some team activities – most of these happened in the water…..



And also time with friends and food and coffee and a fabulous view….



And some time at the expo watching the SMASH kits fly out of the tent….



While it does feel like the family is here, I can’t help but note the void from the other half of my family heading to Anderson, SC for the Rev3 race out there. I can’t wait to watch those results fly in as I recuperate on Sunday!!


This may be my last blog as I begin to buckle down and get ready to race. Check out Ironmanlive.com on Saturday for live tracking, my bib number is 2064. And finally, please take some time to head to my Sponsors page and offer support to the companies who make it possible for me to be out here. I can not wait to “rock the R” on the Big Island on Saturday!


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