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I’ve talked before on this blog about how important I think it is to enlist a coach in triathlon (see here and here). Hillary and I have been discussing for a couple years now the prospect of me coaching with her, and I am so excited that the time is finally right to officially begin this! As I coached the UVA team in the past year, as well as a couple other athletes, it only enforced my decision to begin my “official” coaching career with the guidance of Hillary. It is one thing to know your stuff, and be a good coach. But it is another thing when you can form a partnership with others and form not just a few one-on-one relationships, but instead create a team. TeamHPB is one of the most supportive, hardworking networks that I am a part of. From beginners to elites, the diversity of abilities and personalities is so broad, it’s impossible not to enjoy being around one another, virtually or otherwise! We challenge each other and make each other better, in sport and life. And you can’t ask for much more than that.

On another note, coaching allows me to learn more about this sport that I can ever learn on my own. Having two amazing women to put my head together with (let alone the network each one has aside from that!) gives me so much knowledge about triathlon at my disposal. And to be honest, coaching inspires me. There are always going to be the training days – and races – that are going to be just plain tough to get through. But these are the days when I rely on the inspiration from my athletes. Thinking of how one of my UVA kids sent a late night email the night before a race about needing <insert important race item here> always makes me laugh. These kids are racing triathlon in college – that’s no easy feat. They remind me above all else to race because I love it. And, thinking of how my friend Alley went from a non-runner to finishing her first marathon in 4:07 last month keeps me running in an Ironman when all I want to do is walk. I can’t wait to meet more athletes and be a part of their life as they accomplish their goals.

Here’s to 2014!

UVA @ Half Full
UVA @ Half Full

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