Pieces of Me

It’s been one month since I made it here to Charlottesville and I am loving it so far. Since this move was plopped down straight in the middle of a build for Los Cabos, plus the marathon prep is in full swing work-wise, I found myself never quite getting completely unpacked or settled here. Totally fine by me of course — I seem to not really have issues living out of suitcases and bins! But, when I told my mom she had other feeling towards that and came down to save the day!

My mom has been a huge help the past couple days, and while I had two back to back days of riding lined up, she took that time I was in the saddle to organize my life. AND, she brought down the last of the things that hadn’t quite made it into my packed car the day I moved. This included some vitals: the Normatecs, most of my Powerbar nutrition, and perhaps most importantly, the Keurig I got for Christmas!! I’ve been making due and drinking a lot more tea than normal in the mornings, but man am I happy to be back to a life of an easy morning coffee!

Mom also brought down another important Christmas present…..my new Ruster Sports bike bag! I have a lot of travel on tap in the next few months so this bag is definitely going to be tried and tested across the airlines. I’ll be sure to report back!

Until then, here’s to mom’s….and coffee!


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