Under the Tucson Sun

Since this year it is warm and sunny in the Dirty T (as opposed to last year when I saw snow!) this title seems appropriate.

I am  having so much fun out here in AZ getting ready for camp! I am refreshing my memory with the roads and routes, which included a solo trek up Mt. Lemmon on Friday. Lucky for me, it was a “true Lemmon experience” since I rode there and back as well 🙂 But, the cookie cabin is in full force, and now with pizza options I was a happy rider. Good thing too since I’ll take another trip up next weekend!

Perhaps the best part of Tucson right now really is the sun. I was joking that when I showed up I was so pale I was blending in with the white cement pool bottom. Joking, but also sort of truth telling. I am happy to report there is some pigment in my skin now (yes I’m wearing plenty of sunscreen!) and my overall being is so pleased with the influx of vitamin D.

The second best part is easily the company! We had a fun weekend including a visit from Hillary’s parents and sister, plus with these two girls around life is never dull.


Some big sessions ahead and rumor is I may even get to spy on  a certain other college tri team in the pool this week 🙂 No secrets are safe!

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