How you can #SMASHCabo and win!

By now I hope you have seen the social media frenzy that was unleashed this week, involving the fact that Haley, Anabel and myself — three of your beloved SMASH ladies — are heading down South to #SMASHCabo this weekend. And, even if you can’t catch the next flight out of town, there’s still a way you can be involved (well, a few ways if you count eating some chips & guac and drinking a margarita in our honor)!

We will all be wearing our personal faves this time around:


Now for the contest, if you haven’t already entered, do it!!! You have nothing to lose! Haley organized the rules perfectly, so I’m stealing her thunder with a re-post:

How to #SMASHCabo

1. Take a guess at Haley’s 2.4 mile swim time, Anabel’s 112 mile bike time, and Alyssa’s 26.2 mile run time for this Sunday’s Ironman Los Cabos

2. Go to this google doc and enter your guesses!

3. Follow me, Anabel, and Haley as we race and see if you guessed right!

Submit your guesses by Saturday, March 29th! Prizes are SMASH apparel and accessories, of course!!

More Chances to Win!

Post a picture of your own SMASHFEST and use the hashtag #SMASHCabo on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Extra points will be given to Mexican-themed shots!!

Friend, Follow, Like, Read – all the social media links you could ever need!!

SMASH @SMASFESTQUEEN Smashfest.Queen @Smashfestqueen
HALEY @haleychura haley.chura.5 @haleychura23
ANABEL @anabelwcapalbo anabel.capalbo @anabelwcapalbo
ALYSSA @alyssagodesky alyssagodesky @agodesky

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