ABC’s of Challenge AC

Atlantic City! As the sun was rising behind the casinos, I had to admit, it’s a great venue for the sport. Easily accessible to both athletes and spectators alike, with plenty of activities and things to do, another great East Coast 140.6 option. It was a pleasure to stay at the new Hard Rock Hotel in the City. Anyone who is yet to stay there should click here to learn why it is not to be missed. Although, anyone who wants to make more money than they lose should get practising their poker technique at a Gambling Ball (also known as a Judi Bola in Indonesian) website.

Boardwalk. Who would have thought the boardwalk would be a great place for a marathon? But, tons of spectators and excitement allows for 26.2 miles to fly by when you’re hurting. Excellent choice, Challenge.

AC Run 6

Challenge. The first North American race by the brand, they certainly came in with a splash. Everything I saw over the weekend was on par, if not done better, than any of their competitors. I wish them nothing but success and I most certainly will be fitting more Challenge races into my schedule!

Do AC. The motto of the race, this is definitely a race where there is plenty to do outside of the race itself! Atlantic City has plenty of family friendly activities (you should probably find someone with kids and a blog who did the race though to discuss that), but I can say that with my parents there I was never worried about them just standing around bored. They were able to stay at a hotel right on the course and had plenty of fun on their own at the slots while waiting for me! And I think they may have even won a few dollars. This was definitely intriguing for me to hear; I decided I’d better head over to sites like to catch up with them on their big wins! I couldn’t have myself not earning anything. It was a big day for the Godesky’s to get paid! Some of them have even expressed an interest in playing online slot games, once they’d had the casino bonuses explained to them, as the welcome offers were very appealing.

Eagleman! Definitely good prep for this race, for those who are eyeing it for their calendars next year!

Five. The number of pro women who started the race.

(Editor’s note: I forgot G at first! This was updated later 🙂 ) Gambling! I am pretty sure that while a lot of people were out on the boardwalk in AC and were excited about watching the race and cheering us on…..about 90% of the city still didn’t really care. Which was kind of awesome. I walked into Bally’s on my way up to my parent’s room after the race and it was really surreal to just wander amidst the noise and the lights and the sounds of the slots. The closest experience i’ve ever had to that was booting up late at night. I’ve never felt more out of place in spandex and sweat marks!

Home-stay. I had the most absolutely wonderful and positive home-stay experience here. Huge thank you to Eric and his family, as well as Tom and his. You both helped me feel right at home throughout the entire weekend. Thank you for your support of a race that supports professionals, and thank you for going beyond that and welcoming Jeff and I into your homes. It was a great experience even before I got to the starting line, and that speaks volumes!


In case you missed it, I scheduled tweets to go off during the race. They were pretty funny. Check out my twitter @alyssagodesky to go back and read through!

Just keep pedaling. This was my motto as I faced the headwinds on the AC Expressway! It was a long tough stretch!

Keeping everyone else in my thoughts was key!! There were several other races going on around the globe, but most importantly over in CDA, TeamHPB was having a huge day! Thinking of everyone out there racing strong helped keep me motivated as well.

Lucy the Elephant. One of the fun landmarks you got to run around on the marathon!


Mom & Dad. Thank you for waking up at 1:15am and driving up to see the race start. And for the celebratory dinner at Revel afterwards. And for not making me walk the 1.5 miles to dinner 🙂

Nutrition from Powerbar. Always on point and always keeping me fueled strong!

Onwards and upwards….literally. I’ll be heading to the Rocky Mountains this month and tackling Ironman Boulder next!

Penalty. Yep, I got one of these on the bike. Failure to stagger was a bit questionable, but when you have a referee riding behind you for 40 miles, it was almost easier when they found something wrong, I served my time, and they disappeared.

Quick. This course can be fast, really fast. Heat and wind will always play a part, but it’s definitely a course where you can get moving!

Rev3 Support! I swear that my time on this team is some of my most valuable time in triathlon! This family always seems to pop up when I need them, and the AC Boardwalk was no exception! Thank you Eric for the cheers and hug!

SMASH. Thank you for making a product that makes people yell “Your outfit is pretty” at me when I compete! I love these cheers! And thank you for helping me have a presence in the sport, so people know who I am. To the woman who ran up beside me in the middle of the marathon to congratulate me on my first pro year, thank you!

Ten. The number deep that they pay the pro field at Challenge AC. See also “F”….and then do the math.

U-Haul — what I drove to the race. Psych, I didn’t really drive a UHaul. However, as a proud FJ Cruiser owner now I can say that this really might be the ultimate triathlon car. The amount of things I was easily able to fit, plus just sliding my bike in and out…..sooo awesome! If you are in need of a new vehicle and you do things with bikes and gear, consider an FJ!

Volunteers. Major thanks to this crew, as keeping the run course under control in the craziness that is the boardwalk did NOT look easy. They were amazing!!

Winds! This will definitely be a factor on the course in future years. On pace for what was going to be an unreal bike split, all dreams of that 5-0h-something were dashed after I hit the brutal headwinds with 30 miles to go on the AC Expressway. But, we wouldn’t want it to be easy…..

Xtreme pre-race. They had Navy SEALS jump out of a plane and hold the flag while the national anthem played. And then they landed right next to us. It was awesome.

Y- shaped swim course. This one did present me with a few problems. With warm water and no wetsuits, I was really pleased to be with the pack of 4 that I found myself in around mid way through the swim. However, some shallow water, running into the men’s pack ahead of us, and a current found me swimming alone shortly after that. Unfortunately I need to work on my navigational skills as I needed a jetski to redirect me at one point. All in all, it could have been worse, and I was okay exiting the water in 4th.

Zoom zoom! This is how the swim starts always feel and this one was no different, although perhaps my own fault. The pro women were in the water waiting for the start. We had heard the 30 second countdown get called, and then the crowd got quiet. Out of nowhere I heard my homestay dad yell GO ALYSSA and start waving. So, naturally, I got all excited that someone out in the crowd not only knew me but was excited enough for me to let everyone know it, and I started waving back! Mid wave, BOOM, they started the race! WOOPS. Luckily I was able to get my act together and hop onto the last pair of feet before they got too far away.

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