Blame it on the A-A-A-A-Altitude

Charlottesville Triathlon Camp, TeamHPB Style!
July 17, 2014
July 31, 2014

Blame it on the A-A-A-A-Altitude

Now that I am finally caught up on Atlantic City and Camp blogging I can finally begin to be somewhat current with my whereabouts! If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you’re already well aware that I’m not in Kansas Virginia anymore. I’m in Frisco, Colorado! It’s been a crazy week, one that started out with a 2.5 day drive from Charlottesville –>Frisco. My dear dad decided to hitch a ride with me and share the driving so he could come out to visit a friend in Colorado. This meant about 24 driving hours of father-daughter bonding time in the car. It was great to spend time with him, and we did all the typical things you’d expect of father-daughters on a car trip. We took video:


Spoiler alert: we never actually drove through Dodge City after all.

We chronicled every gas stop and took notes on mileage, price of gas. How I’ll use this in my life, I’m not quite sure.

We played the game “I’ll say the name of a town or city and you guess what state it’s in.”….you know, typical road trip stuff.

After that time warp though, things got back to “normal” in my new summer home in Frisco! I am so lucky that a major part of my job with Bad to the Bone is to be in Colorado for the rest of the summer. I know, I know – but won’t I miss the heat and humidity of Charlottesville Summer? I will, but after a few days these views have helped me keep my chin up, and I think I’ll survive the next 8 weeks 🙂


If you aren’t too familiar with the area, Frisco is at an altitude of 9,075 feet. That means there’s not a whole lot of oxygen to go around. My history of time at altitude has been all over the place:

-Western States ’09 (running) – thought I was going to die in the first 30 miles, slowly pulled myself out of it (also probably due to the fact we descended to normal altitudes)

-Western States ’10 (pacing) – Couldn’t run more than 1.5 miles at altitude

-Frisco, Feb ’14 – Managed easy workouts, felt pretty good, came down after a week and won a 50k with a PR

So, I wasn’t really sure what to expect this time. The first couple days were so-so. I alternated between feeling fine, and feeling like I was going to die. And for the first couple days I swore even eating a sandwich caused me to feel out of shape. I couldn’t remember basic vocabulary words. I only wanted to eat ice cream. All proven side effects of altitude. Since then it seems I’m coming around just fine and things will be good to go while I’m up here! In fact, I’m actually quite looking forward to gaining some more oxygen when I head down to Boulder in a couple weeks for the Ironman. Between the altitude and the heat, Boulder should be one for the books – can’t wait!