On 5k Fun and Running A Lot

This past weekend, I ran (and won!) a local 5k race here in Crozet, VA. If you are in the area definitely consider the Freedom 5k next year. Supporting a great cause, this was a well done race and a lot of fun (with donuts AND pizza at the end!!) One of my favorite parts of being able to jump into races like this from time to time is:

1. Interacting with the community! I especially love that there were so many girls in their teens out running with their moms and dads as it takes me right back to the days I was running these with my dad!

2. Reality checks! This time it came in the form of two 12 year old boys who beat me handily in the race.


Stuart and Joseph, keep doing what you’re doing. You’re awesome.

This weekend was a cruel reminder that despite the race actually taking less than 20 minutes, it still can sting as much as anything else if you are trying hard enough (and, I think I was!). But what hurt almost just as much was the 20 hilly miles today.

So, why in the world am I running so much?

Well, in the past few years I have been able to chop away at just about any distance PR that I held before starting to work with Hillary. Except one: the open marathon. And, this was only due to the fact that I simply hadn’t run one! I would always quickly opt for a trail 50k or a half marathon instead of ever putting one on the schedule.

As I began to really set my sights on an Ironman marathon breakthrough this year, it became clear that perhaps if my open PR was a bit more competitive (currently a 3:31), I’d start to believe more in what I can do at the end of the iron distance.

So, I signed up to run the Rock’n’Roll Phoenix Marathon in January with a goal of  3:09:59.

And, I even duped Leslie  (and our significant others!) into doing it with me! Misery does love company…..And, I’m beginning to remember just how miserable marathon training can be 🙂

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