Breathe in, breathe out.

If someone could PLEASE tell me why the marathon distance is so freaking intimidating that would be great!? Perhaps because this is the first time when I’m really attempting to “race” this one does it seem so daunting. But I will admit, I’m nervous!

The good news is that my anxiety is not so overwhelming I’m losing sight of the fun stuff. After all, this:


is not a bad spot for a few days of keeping my feet up before the big event. I am super appreciative to have had the luxury of spending last week in Tucson and now a few days in Phnoenix, neither of which was cooped up in a hotel room OR surrounded by snow.

I also have not lost sight of the fact that while I am hoping to surprise myself with a nice shiny three-oh-something in the race tomorrow, my ultimate goal of doing this has already been attained. I’ve stayed a bit more focused during off season (don’t worry – I still drank all the egg nog and ate all the cookies, but I just also wasn’t skipping workouts!) than I often found myself. And as a result, the past few months have flown by and I’m now really excited to build into the triathlon season. I’m fitter than I ever have been in January. And, my run confidence is there — just knowing what I was doing in training has me convinced of some big things I can do with 26.2 miles off the bike. And those things were, from a longer term perspective — definitely the more important than what time I finish in tomorrow.

That said, I’ll still be trying my darnedest for a 3:05 tomorrow! WHAT? A 3:05?! Um Alyssa you told me last week 3:10. And yes, that’s because last week I thought I was doing to go for that….until Hillary picked me up from the airport and promptly corrected me 🙂 So, I’ll go for it. Because 1. I think it will be fun in a weird sick way and 2. I’m also pretty certain that based on my training experiences if things get ugly, they really won’t be *that* ugly. Well, knock on wood for that one at least 🙂

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