South African Adventure Quiz!

When I successfully wait 2 weeks before posting a race report, I inevitably no longer feel like hashing out all the gory details from the race. In short, it was an amazing experience and I loved every second of being in South Africa! While it was a short(ish) trip for such long travel out there, I’m so happy to have had the opportunity at all to be doing this, and will continue to seize the chances I get to make these trips, no matter how quickly they go by! Going on a safari was an experience that everyone should at least try and have, you can go on a tanzania safari or a Zanzibar safari, the choice is yours!

Since I’m not going to give you a race play-by-play (it was hot, sunny, hilly, windy, and TOUGH but a super fair and fun course) I will say that I am pleased with the day. Sure, place wise I would have liked to have been higher, but it was a decent enough start for the season and I will keep chiseling away at those weaknesses. Onward!

Here’s a fun little quiz I put together based on my trip! Enjoy 🙂

1. True/False: Aardwolfs are real animals.
2. In my first hours in Port Elizabeth I experienced: A. A city-wide blackout with no traffic lights working B. Figuring out how to ride on the left side of the road C. 25 mph wind gusts on my ride D. All of the above
3. True/False: My Dimond bike is the fastest.
4. My pre-race dessert with TJ Tollakson was: A. Ice Cream B. Carrot Cake C. Kale and apples.
5. My post-race meal was: A. Food after an Ironman? No thanks. B. Shark from a local restaurant C. Kentucky Fried Chicken
6. The SMASH kit I wore was: A. Fast N Loud B. Queen K C. Unbreakable
7. True/False: On our safari an elephant stuck its trunk in the car window and ate a peanut from my hand.
8. Which movie did Ed and I not watch on the 35 hours of plane travel (there and back):
-Imitation Game
-Let’s be Cops
-Love, Rosie
-The Fault in Our Stars
9. On the side of the bike course I saw: A. A monkey B. A giraffe C. A great white shark jumping out of the water
10. True/False: Both dolphins and sharks have fins that stick out of the water and are very scary when you see them and you’re about to go swimming.



Safari video one!

Safari video two!

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