If you’ve been watching the triathlon headlines in the past week, there are quite a few things changing in the industry these days. Unfortunately, it feels a bit like dejavu as once I’ve been at the mercy of an in-season announcement from Challenge Family (formerly Rev3) that they are removing/reducing/reallocating prize purses in not one….not two…..not three….but FOUR of my events for the season!

Womp, womp.

This left me in a bit of a tight spot. Luckily I didn’t lose money due to lost accommodations or plane tickets; however, I am now facing a much more expensive racing season seeing as many of these were driveable-homestay friendly races for me. And, in case you were wondering, flying across the country and staying in a tiny resort town is quite a bit more expensive than driving to Atlantic City and a homestay. Expenses aside, these were also races that family was going to be able to make AND I had many of my athletes joining me at these races. Missing a race opportunity for myself is one thing; missing a chance to see my athletes crush it in person? HUGE bummer!

But, if racing iron distance has taught me anything, it’s how to handle the low moments. I can only control the controllables – and this, was most definitely an uncontrollable.

I want to take a second to point out how I have some of the most amazing friends and teammates. People were coming out of the woodwork to help me make new travel plans happen on short notice. Thanks to Leslie for taking time and effort to arrange introductions for me (hopefully not a secret sabotage as now I get to race her – HA! :)). And, a huge thank you to Mary and Dan (see also: Cadence Running Company) for helping ensure my travel to the race happens. I am beyond words with how flattered and how appreciative I am that you all believe in me enough to do what you have done, I promise to race hard for ya!

So, where can you find me for the next few months? I’ll still be heading to Knoxville this weekend for what looks like it will be quite the show! Then Challenge Williamsburg will be a birthday weekend hit-out before heading west to Coeur d’Alene. And in between, one massive 30th birthday bike trip (more on that next post!).

After that of course when July hits, it’s CVILLE CAMP TIME! And then, I will be making a valiant return to the OD (olympic distance) racing with the NYC Triathlon. I’ve been promising my sister I’d come race in NYC for awhile, so when a huge hole in my plans opened up that was my top pick. Because, why not?

But before July there is obviously plenty on my plate to focus on. Onwards!

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