T-minus…..13 hours!

Just in case you’ve managed to miss everyone’s posts on social media in the past couple days: Ironman CDA is going to be HOT! There were some murmurs of a shortened race if necessary to ease the stress on the regional medical staff, but, no word so far and all systems are go for the full 140.6 miles tomorrow.

For me, the heat is definitely advantageous. When conditions get this hot, the swim and the bike go as planned, and then, as Ironmans typically do, it comes down to the marathon. Running a fast marathon in 103 degree heat – ha! Raw speed goes out the window, and strong and steady will rule the day. Lucky for me, strong and steady is something I can do, and do well. Not that I won’t have to fight for it, but, I do know that the door is open wider than it is if it was going to be 72 degrees and cloudy. I plan to take advantage of that to the best I can!

I have been enjoying CDA the past couple days. It really is refreshing to be in a town that embraces the race so heartily like they do here. My only complaints come from watching athletes ride without helmets and blow through the 4 way stops while pre-riding the course (seriously guys!?!). Otherwise my ride this morning was picture perfect out along Lakeside Drive, and, I even got to meet up with another Smashfest Queen, Liz! This is the kit you should look out for me in tomorrow folks!


Pros will be required to carry the GPS and data trackers (not in the swim) – you can follow along with us here.

Oh, and, if you haven’t already, enter the contest to guess the time differential between Leslie and me here. You could win something sweet!

Let’s do this!!

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