The best of months!

Since Couer d’Alene and basically all of July, I had one of the best coaching months of my career so far. Being able to host camp in Cville to see my athletes in person always leaves me loving coaching. But this year was also unique in that just a few short weeks later I would be able to see some of these athletes again taking on Lake Placid.  With so many of Hillary and my athletes racing, it was a no brainer that I wanted to try to be there in person. So, I spent the week between NYC Tri and IM Lake Placid in the Adirondacks with Ed before heading up to Lake Placid for race weekend. Three of my athletes would be taking on their FIRST Ironman, and one was tackling her second and we were looking for some major gains! As a sidenote, I’m quite positive that the Adirondack’s are the perfect summer training escape and very likely I will be spending more time of my summers to come up that way.

Back to Lake Placid – these ladies did not disappoint. Bri, Megan, Beth and Amy all threw down some really, really inspiring performances. One of the best parts of coaching is that no two athletes have the same story. Each person’s life presents its own unique challenges to try to meld with training, and that is one of the challenges of coaching that I enjoy so much. While each of these ladies took very different paths to the start line in Lake Placid, I had no doubts that they would all end up together at the finish line that night.

Some of the highlights:

Pup-sitting for Beth!
Pup-sitting for Beth!
They smashed it!!
They smashed it!!
Briana's 1st IM Finish - more to come!!
Briana’s 1st IM Finish – more to come!!
Megan's 1st finish! So awesome!
Megan’s 1st finish! So awesome!
Amy being sent off for the run by her kiddos!
Amy being sent off for the run by her kiddos!

As if this wasn’t enough, Whiting and Emily also proved that the highlights weren’t just for Lake Placid! Over in Boulder the following week, they both threw down amazing performances. With a huge PR for one, and a KONA SPOT for another, these ladies helped continue the TeamHPB celebrations for another week!


Having these moments come during a big build for me has helped to keep my head afloat. It’s always inspiring to get to be on the other side for a race or two, and seeing their successes help me keep things in perspective AND inspired to get through my own training.

Racing season is far from done so I have a feeling this will not be the end of the success stories I share this year!

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