This is Not a Tea Party

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August 28, 2015
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September 3, 2015

This is Not a Tea Party

It seems fitting today that as I was preparing my things for tomorrow’s race I came across my finisher’s medal from last weekend. On the back of the medal it says, “This is not a tea party.”

You can read the story behind this saying on the medals here. While I think some of the story gets lost in translation, I could really appreciate the meaning behind this.

There is something very beautiful, I have always believed, to challenge yourself, move your own borders. The beauty of it is the irrationality in the project. Sport inner soul is not healthy. It is all about drama, testing of own courage. – Jørgen Leth

The irrationality in the project – that may be what best describes the back-to-back IM project: irrational. To most, at least. I am lucky that I have surrounded myself by people just as irrational as myself, and who have supported this idea, and paved the way for me both in racing it and training for it, to make me the best prepared I am for what is to come tomorrow.

I am also quite lucky to have sponsors behind me supporting me in this project, answering my crazy skype calls and emails at all hours of the day and night, setting me up with other English speaking friends here (lifesaver), and making sure I’m best equipped to face tomorrow. Smashfest Queen, Dimond Bikes, Powerbar, Cadence Running Company, ISM Saddles, The Right Stuff – you guys are great, thank you!

And now, the million dollar question of course! How am I feeling? Well, I feel no better, no worse than last week at this time. And last week turned out pretty darn good.