Spring Training: Tucson Style!

While “opening day” for my season has already passed, for most triathletes it’s still coming up and that means this is one of my favorite times of the year: Spring Training!! Tucson camps are a light at the end of the tunnel for many of my athletes, especially those in places where the winter weather is no joke. But, these camps aren’t just available for TeamHPB athletes – the fact that this is where they get to meet and train with others too is what can really make the weekend special. Without fail people are going harder than they ever thought they could. They swim farther than ever before. The climb higher than ever. And it is SO COOL to see all this happen in person.

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During the camp Q&A this week we were asked what success will look like in 2016, both in terms of racing professionally and outside of that. For me, in terms of racing I am going to be chasing that podium (top 3!) spot in an ironman. And outside of my own racing career, being at the camp so soon after my bike accident made me realize what that answer was: getting to experience as many moments of success with my athletes as I possibly can.


Injuries are most definitely a part of being an athlete. When you train as much as we train, things are just going to happen. I have been quite lucky to this point that nothing ever got so bad it took me out of the game altogether – I was always able to move and do *something*. This time was different though, and, in a way, it’s been good for me to go through. The fear of “what if it happens to me” can be paralyzing at times. Well, paralyzing may be a bit dramatic, but it can be quite all-encompassing.

Being at camp was super cool because I was able to put my own fitness and racing concerns aside and just be there for the athletes here – helping them get to the next level. No matter what is going on with my body (or the scabs on my face) I will always be able to do that– and that, for me, will mean success this year. And that’s pretty cool.

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Now it’s T-minus 5 hours until Camp #2 comes! So much smashfest fun ahead!!!

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