The Beat Goes On…

Evidenced from my featured pic being a picture of my cat: I have nothing to write about. No, really. I’m pretty sure it’s not even a writer’s block thing….but rather, more of a “all I think about is training and plans for my athletes” these days, so my brain isn’t too busy with other stuff to entertain people with on the blog! Really though, that’s a good thing – for me, not for you. For me it means I’m in a good groove. I firmly believe routine and “boring” stuff is where the work gets done in training. Rather than feeling like I’m in a rut I really feel like I’m more in the zone during these times, getting fitter and more hungry to race. For you it’s a little sad because basically now you’re stuck reading my ramblings about….nothing.

So, let’s see. There must be something worthwhile…..

I’m being super hip and using Spotify. I even made a playlist you can follow here. It promises to have tunes to jam to that are always one-step behind what is currently out there 🙂

I watched two great ultrarunning documentaries that have me officially dreaming of my next ultra! The Barkley Marathons (Netflix) and Finding Traction (Amazon Prime). And one other one that just has me pumped up to do crazy things outside but also confirmed that I will never ever try to climb any scary dangerous mountains – Meru (Amazon Prime).

I’m listening to a few good podcasts as well to help pass the training hours: Stuff you should know, and Call your girlfriend. Love them both!

Oh, and I’m living in my Smash Fog Capris. Have you ever looked at butter and been like man I wish I could cover my legs in butter and wear it around, but also wish that said butter would have pink accents and be super cute? Yep, that’s these capris. I’m not sure why they didn’t pull that description for the website 🙂 Some sizes did go fast but don’t worry there will be more. And, rumor has it Smash has plenty more good things up their sleeves this year. Can’t wait!

Wildflower in T-minus 8 days!

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