Double Double, Toil & Trouble

Well, I did it again. I let myself forget just what training for back-to-back Ironmans is like, signed up to do it again….and then, here we are. That point where looking ahead in the training plan makes your stomach turn and blood pressure rise. The point where no matter how much you eat, it’s just Not. Enough. The point where your alarm waking you up could be enough to make you burst into tears. Hormones, PMS…? They have nothing on what this training block is like!

But with the balance tipping to that side, every now and then things come rushing  back to the other side too. The moments of clarity. The five mile stretch on a ride where the wind is at my back and it feels like I could ride forever. The run that was over before I realized it stared. The 200 fast swim where it felt like I was Missy Franklin.

Those moments are fleeting, but they are there, and that is enough for me to know I’m on the right track to getting it done. I’m super excited to be heading back to Europe for the double this year: IM UK is first up on July 17th, followed by IM Switzerland on the 24th.

The packing for the double is perhaps more treacherous than the training….well, not really, but it does require double the amount of planning and prep (go figure) to be able to pull it all off efficiently and have everything I need. As I have been sorting through all sorts of things I’ll be bringing with me, some letters surfaced that I had written to my grandmother as a kid. My grandmother had sent them to me 14 years ago when she had been going through her things. They are awesome and I’ve loved reading through them, so I’ll leave you with this gem:

Image (14) (1)

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