Here we go again….!

Sidenote: whenever I see “USA” next to my name in a competition, I start replaying the scene from Miracle and have to yell out “I PLAY FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!” True story.

Well, apparently today is Saturday. Which means tomorrow is Sunday. That’s race day.

Since arriving in Switzerland I seem to always be one day behind or one day ahead of myself!! But I think I’ve got it all figured out now 🙂 Going into the double this year, I assumed that, generally, I would know what to expect. First race will feel pretty great, the week between I’ll be tired but the legs will be there, and Sunday will be….hard.

Well, turns out, that every double isn’t the same! The first race this year in Bolton went well, but felt fairly “meh.” I just wasn’t feeling crisp or comfortable at any point in the day. Then, I had some grand plans for this week in between. Last year I was able to do a bunch of sightseeing and enjoy the sights of Copenhagen. This year…….I’ve been sleeping. And when I’m not sleeping, I’m thinking about when I can go back to sleep!!

I was, in fact, too tired in those first early days to worry about the differences. What does that mean for Sunday? – yep, too tired to care! All I know is that I’ve done buckets of training and I trust in my plan and my coach more than words. And sure enough, the past 2 days I’ve had glimpses of my legs coming back around! I’m savoring every bit of these last 12 or so hours with my feet up still, but I think they will be good to go.

It is, perhaps, a good thing that I haven’t been out and about much. For everyone who told me how great Zurich is, they forgot to mention I should probably pick up a few key German phrases!! This has left me going about doing what I usually do in foreign cities…..basically I do what I want to do until someone honks at me, yells at me, or yells and honks at me. Then, I re-evaluate. It works pretty well.

Luckily during my “big adventure” of the week, driving the bike course, I had along a TeamSFQ teammate – Camilla She is primed and ready to get after it tomorrow too. ! I was so grateful she was there to help me navigate as I am pretty sure I would have ended up in Germany without her. And there’s no race in Germany tomorrow. The views from the bike course are breathtaking – I’ll have to remember to soak some of that energy in tomorrow.

image1 (16)

I start at 6:42 local time, which is 12:42 am for all you east coasters, and 9:42pm for those on the west coast! Bib #47, coverage should be here. – Let’s see what we can do!!!

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