True Life: Meditation Fail

It feels like in just about every podcast I’ve been listening to the people are talking about meditation: how they’ve incorporated it into their daily routine, how amazing it is, how it’s just a few minutes a day and they feel so much more centered.  So of course I was like “Well, if EVERYONE ELSE is doing it….”

So, I downloaded Headspace. Because apps help us do everything, apparently.

Headspace has kind of a starter pack of 10 meditation sessions – 10 minutes each – that you can try on your own before you get into the paid subscriptions. They have some sessions for athletes in the subscription stuff, so I was 10 steps ahead of myself – CLEARLY meditation would help me get faster this season – but, I decided to start with the free jams to see how it went.

Here’s a brief synopsis of how it went….

Day 1 – Literally couldn’t do it without checking emails.

Day 2 – Fell asleep at minute 2, woke up around 7.

Day 3 – Fell asleep around 90 seconds, woke up around 5/6.

Day 4 – Didn’t fall asleep! Didn’t feel any different.

Accidentally miss 2 days

Day 5 – Fell asleep for a minute or so.


I never did it again. I just wasn’t getting it. And, yes, I understand that part of “getting it” means that I should just keep making myself do it for 10 (or more) straight. But, to be honest, when I’m training a bunch again now I already make myself do *a lot* of other things I don’t really feel like doing! Yes, that’s true, even the pros don’t jump for joy before every training session 😉 I will admit that it was kind of nice to do a mini nap, but I don’t need a subscription to anything for that. And, again, I do “get” the point of it, but truth be told, it’s just not for me. At least not right now!

So if you’re out there and feeling like you just don’t get all the hype – I’m with ya!

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Alyssa Godesky is a professional triathlete & coach.

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