As I mentioned last week, I am racing again this month. I’m excited to share that I’m heading to Challenge Taiwan on April 29th!! Yes…another adventure for sure 🙂 But, fitness is a funny thing and when it’s there, you need to capitalize on it. It is certainly a perk of being a pro that I have a bit more flexibility with my racing and travel schedule and can shuffle things around like puzzle pieces depending on where my head and body is at….sometimes I have to remind myself of this and let myself be a little spontaneous when I realize I can take advantage of this!

Only 16 days away and the countdown is on for sure. Last weekend Leslie came down to Cville and we recreated the magic of our training weekend we had before IM Wisconsin last fall. Things went quite smoothly for the both of us and I know she’s ready to get after IM Texas this month too. It’s always nice to have a partner in crime to push you through a few benchmark workouts like that to reinforce what you *think* you’ve been seeing in the training!

I’m super excited for this Asian adventure, and if you’ve ever traveled around Taiwan please let me know any suggestions for things to do and places to see!

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