Back to life…back to reality!

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June 28, 2017
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July 14, 2017

Back to life…back to reality!

Not too much to say here as I’m back to the grind, which means life is boring. Which means life is good, though! I’ve also been lucky as Hillary has given me some of my favorite workouts to be knocking out these days. Most recently the last couple days I did an iconic Charlottesville ride which loops from town, up to Skyline Drive, and back. I did it in reverse of my usual direction which was a fun change of pace. I also had some great company which helps move the miles by. I was really looking forward to a hot dog and Blackberry ice cream at Loft Mountain, only to find out breakfast was still being served when we got there! So scrambled eggs and hash browns had to suffice.

Then this week I *finally* ran the fox mountain loop (pic up top from that run)! Charlottesville has a ton of great trails, but we also have a ton of gravel roads. Since I’m not a gravel grinder (lol – that’s what they are called, right?!) I have never really seen them other than the occasional snafu where I accidentally need to take a shortcut home on a ride. So when I had a 3 hour strength run this loop popped into mind. It was awesome! I probably saw 8 cars the entire run,  and with the constant ups and downs I was putting good time on the legs. I also only got chased by 1 dog, and he seemed somewhat friendly actually.

The only other update I have for you is that things are going SO WELL for our Exceeding Expectations fundraising for John Alvarez. I want to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has donated and supported this effort. If you aren’t quite able to donate, guess what – you can without even spending a penny of your own money!

Recently, Kelly O’Mara was asked by the Health IQ team to contribute a question to their Triathlon IQ quiz. She did. Then, to promote the quiz and their other health quizzes, they’re donating $1 to the charity of Kelly’s choice for every person who takes the quiz via her link. And, Kelly chose Exceeding Expectations.

So if you take the quiz via the link below, $1 will go to help John exceed expectations. And Health IQ says that offer’s good across all the contributors until the $20,000 they have set aside for donations is claimed. So, do it!!