Something many of you may not know about me is that I love to brainstorm. I’m an ideas person. Coming up with a spontaneous list of things to do, solutions to problems, etc….I love it all. Even the most impossible or outlandish ideas are fun to think of and spend a minute imagining that you really went through with them……before tossing them aside.

I’m 99% sure that some kind of brainstorming situation is what got me to today, ready to take on IM Chattanooga – my 6th iron distance race this season – just one week after Savageman. And somehow Hillary and I forgot the “toss it aside” part of the equation for this crazy idea 😉

But the truth is, I do have a bit of confidence going into this double since usually my double consists of 2 iron distance races back to back. And since Savageman isn’t a fast course, my thought is that it was a good strong tune-up, but it didn’t take too much out of me and I’m still 100% for the race here in Chatty. Added bonus is the Indian Summer we seem to be having (insert questionable face wondering if it’s appropriate to call it this?) — it is Hot here in Tennessee and that will definitely factor into the race. You can follow all the fun at — I’m lucky #13. The field looks good and full of women who love to run for the $$ so will be a fight till the end I am certain!

And the last tidbit of the day is that I will be wearing a brand new Smashfest Queen design that will be available in Kona! Check out my instagram story (@alyssagodesky) tomorrow morning to see the amazingness! Look fast –> go fast, so I’m ready to race!!

The lovely TeamSFQ women ready to smash it tomorrow!

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