Live Feisty & Send it Back Down

In honor of International Women’s Day, you’re going to get 2 blog posts this week!

First off — LIVE FEISTY IS LAUNCHED! Like, officially launched. I’m loving Sara’s video where she talks about how it all came together. Make sure you find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There is also some amazing content going up on And there’s some other stuff coming soon but I won’t ruin the surprise 🙂 Just follow along so you’re in the know!

I’ve thought a lot recently about how I got to where I am now, and the Live Feisty and IronWomen projects are certainly a part of that. I recently was on the other side of the microphone on the Grit & Dirt podcast. I was able to share my story on this podcast and was asked some questions I hadn’t thought about in quite some time. Who had influenced my character growing up? How had I developed the confidence that I have now? Why did I give up the security and safety for a life of uncertainty?

I also had the chance to reflect for a project that one of my old bosses, Brit, from AOL was putting together (and by project, I mean she was the keynote speaker for Women Techmaker’s Baltimore International Women’s Day conference. NBD). My memory of the exact chain of command is a bit hazy, but I believe Brit was the VP of Ad Ops at AOL. She was one one of the bosses we had to impress each morning giving our 9am presentation. She was one of the ones who wanted results. And while it never really stopped me in my tracks as being unusual, per-say, it didn’t go unnoticed that Brit was one of my first experiences in the corporate world with a female at that high of a position of leadership. Brit also used her time at AOL to create two Lean-In circle for women there, and was one of the biggest supporters of me when I announced my decision to leave. 

My story was one she shared within the “choosing the scary option” topic, and she reached out with questions about my decision to leave AOL and go all-in with triathlon: tell me little bit about the moment when you decided to choose the “scary” option? How did you feel?  How did the people around you react? What do you think about that decision now (in retrospect)?

As you can imagine, all of these things really got the wheels turning and I enjoyed the time to reflect.

As I followed Brit’s presentation via twitter last weekend, one of her quotes caught my eye:

You guys: This is it. It became clear to me that I am where I am today largely because women sent the elevator back down.

And if you are a woman, you know what I’m talking about when I say we are starting to see this happen. We are seeing it happen in the corporate world, yes, but it’s starting to be everywhere. I feel it at the gym. At the grocery store. At the dog park.

It’s happening in the smallest ways but goodness does it give me goosebumps when it happens. Social media is amazing. I can now reach – and be reached – by women across the country who are offering me support, even challenging me (in good ways!), or, just giving me a virtual hug or pat on the back.

We are connecting, we are making a difference. I’m really proud to be a part of Live Feisty Media which is making this happen. And make no mistake – I’m not so idealistic that I think all women are going to join hands and be friends singing kumbaya. But you don’t have to like someone in the sense you want to grab drinks or go on vacation with them to recognize that they are doing their best, they are working hard, and they could use a little support, or guidance….you don’t have to want them at your birthday party to recognize that sending the elevator back down is the right thing to do. Diversity is a good thing in every sense. Elevate the women you aren’t friends with, too. 

So, let’s not forget to send the elevator back down. Even if you’re not at the top yet. It is going to make our ride a hell of a lot more meaningful, and, fun 🙂

Forever grateful and massive thank you’s to the many women to have sent the elevator back down for me. I hope to make you proud!

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