It’s all coming back to me now

(Protip #1: Never pass up an opportunity for a Celine Dion reference)

How soon I forget! But, it began to come back to me as I sat in the room waiting for my flight to be called (in Chinese). As I brushed my teeth in an airport sink and had a woman literally (and hilariously) step in front of me to use my water rather than one of the other available sinks. As the de-boarding process happens with no regard for what I’d perceive as order and people seemingly randomly just push their way down the isle and out. As I blindly order off a menu hoping it will resemble what I want.

How soon I forget what it’s like to try to assimilate into another culture.

But at the same time I am reminded how fun it is. Especially when you aren’t having to ask everyone to help you gather up gear so you can race since yours didn’t arrive. (I was BEYOND over the moon happy to see my Ruster Sports Hen House come off that carousel on Wednesday!) And it’s especially fun when the people around you are as kind as the Taiwanese are. Seriously they go above and beyond to help despite the fact that it’s me who doesn’t know their language!

Not having raced an iron distance race since last September, it feels like forever has gone by, but it does have me ready to get back at it. The familiar sights and sounds of Taitung also have me at ease and relaxed in my pre-race preparations. Even the BnB where the pros are staying real-world MTV style is kind of comforting in it’s familiarity.

Game time tomorrow is 6am Taiwan time….that is 6pm EST, 3pm PST, and for anyone enjoying the fun from Hawaii you have the prime viewing time of 12 noon. That said, I’m not sure how much there will be to “view”….especially in English! But check out the Challenge Taiwan twitter/instagram/Facebook for updates, and there should be tracking information here. I’m athlete #8.

And while you’re watching the race you can check out the newest gem from Smashfest Queen that I am racing in over here! Appropriately named Wild and Free, I love this design!

And if there is no coverage, you can fill some time waiting for an update from me by listening to this week’s IronWomen podcast! Haley and Steph have been killing it while I’ve been away, but I’ll be back next week!

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