Before we begin….

As with so much in endurance sports, it takes a village. I’m excited for this crazy adventure, and I’m so grateful for the people who surround me and are helping to make it happen.

Hillary – thank you for helping chase these unknowns, and reminding me that a fear of failure is no reason to not chase a dream.

Mom- thank you for coming up to Vermont, shuttling me around, and keeping me company last Fall and this Summer while I trained 🙂 Ramona and I are forever grateful!!!

The rest of my amazing crew:

Matt…We’d probably accidentally drop me off in Canada or something if you weren’t here to help keep things organized. You *might* have me convinced that “winging it” isn’t the best approach for all adventures. Thank you!!

Leslie, Emily, Will, Maik, Carly, Sara, Michele, Lyssie Cat and Kurt. You guys might never say yes to another adventure I suggest after this….So, I’ll make this count!

Sponsors! Smashfest Queen, Live Feisty, Final Surge, ISM Saddles, Sound Probiotics, Cadence Running Company, F2C Nutrition – thank you for recognizing this effort, and supporting me as I go for this!

Trail Sisters: I won one of the adventure grants this year. The fact that TS is sponsoring these is absolutely amazing, and I am so humbled to have won one. It is amazing to be a part of this community and can’t wait to share my experience with everyone.

I will be carrying a SPOT Gen3 tracker and it’s location updates will be sent here. We will also make every effort to cover the trail with our GPS devices.

Follow along on my social media for other updates, courtesy of Live Feisty Media.

Here we go!

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