I’d like to thank the academy

Okay, maybe not the academy, but, I am grateful to the voting panel that recognized my Long Trail FKT effort as the #1 FKT of the year for the women. More on the top 5 FKTs of the Year, along with a list of very strong honorable mentions can be found here. I personally was really impressed by Annie Weiss’ and Nate Bender’s efforts, so definitely check those out.

I also feel like I can never say it enough: this FKT is “mine” but by no means did I accomplish this alone. I would not have achieved this without the help of my friends and family, crewing in person, and supporting from afar, and of course Hillary for dreaming up a training plan that got me fit enough. Thank YOU!

I have been fortunate that this award has brought with it some more opportunities to share my story, hopefully inspiring others out there who might be dreaming of their own FKT. When Kathryn Miles reaches out to you – that’s a no brainer! She wrote a fun piece in Outside Online about the FKT of the Year awards, you can find that here. And of course, the crew at FastestKnownTime.com did a few podcasts as they counted down the awards, you can hear me on that here

And for anyone who might be battling a polar vortex and needing even more material to pass the time indoors – I was on a recent SMOGCAST and a recent episode of Sparta Chicks Radio!

Tomorrow I’m off to run the Uwharrie Mountain Run (40 miles). I *love* this event and I’m excited to see what my legs can do as I’m in the build for the Basque Ultra Trail Bilbao-Gasteiz and the Marin Ultra Challenge later this month and in March. 

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