It’s not me, it’s you

About 3 weeks ago, that was the conversation I was having with my bike. I was pretty much despising just about every ride. It never felt comfortable, it never felt right. Get in my aero bars? Yeah right! 

At one point I think I told Hillary I would rather run 100 miles than ride for 3 hours. Dramatic much?! Ha! But I was serious!!

The truth of the matter though is that it’s not the bike….its me. I knew that doing #alltherunning this winter was going to make cycling a challenge. Not that I wasn’t riding at all through the winter, I just wasn’t riding very much, and it was more about maintenance or recovery spins. But cycling is definitely something where time in the saddle matters. And, it’s somply time to start banking that again.

The good news is that after a few tweaks (thanks to Jim at ERO) I’m feeling better in the saddle. Great? Not yet, but there are glimmers of hope now. The popsicles and sunshine on last week’s ride helped a lot too. The picture above is from last year’s Tucson Camp — the always epic 140 mile Arivaca ride….so I’m hoping that the legs feel good for that day which is now just about a couple weeks away!

You know what else makes me excited to ride bikes? NEW KITS! And you know that Smashfest Queen always has that side of things taken care of….plenty of motivation there. And just yesterday my latest obsession has been revealed for pre-order – the NUUN HYDRATION Collection.

Take a minute to watch the video which tells more about the partnership between NUUN and Smashfest Queen! Pre-orders are due by April 5th.

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