But First, Atlanta

When we first began to discuss the possibility of an IronWomen Podcast event in Atlanta during the Marathon Olympic Trials week, I wasn’t sure how to swing it…I’d be racing IM New Zealand the following weekend, which, in case you struggle with geography, isn’t really close to Atlanta. After further review though, I realized this would actually work out quite well — flying out of Charlottesville is always my preference, but it never really works out for international travel. The CHO —> ATL flight though is a regular one through the day, and that would put me in a major hub for getting to New Zealand. The Wednesday night timing of the event would also allows for an arrival in New Zealand to put me there a week early — excellent! In prior races, I have done the NZ travel arriving ~3 days prior to the race, and adjusted fine. However, after the Copenhagen travel last year, it’s come to my attention that my ability to absorb the jetlag with the gracefulness of a 30 year old probably left me as I have departed further and further from that age.  I’m an old bird now! (I kid, I kid). But seriously, this is a race I feel quite fit for and there’s no use in spending the resources to travel around the world to race only to put yourself in a bind because you cut some corners and didn’t create for the best possible pre-race week for yourself. So I’ll just embrace it because spending an extra few days in New Zealand hardly seems like something to complain about!

So now, the IronWomen podcast LIVE episode! It was awesome. I had been listening to live podcasts all week to hype myself up for this and while our crowd wasn’t quite big enough for me to run onto a stage in a huge auditorium yelling “WHAT’S UP HOTLANTAAAAAAA” to the roaring cheers…..we did pretty well!! It was beyond humbling to have had people flying and driving in for JUST US. Not for the race!! People made a trip of it to come in on a Wednesday to see us and listen to the event in real life. That means SO MUCH: Thank You from the bottom of my heart!!! I did miss having Haley on the mic with me during this, but I’ll allow her absence since she was on the OTHER side of the mic. Getting to see her in her hometown crowd, neon colors flashing from her nails, her excitement was palpable…that was cool. It was also really nice to catch up with Ruth Brennan Morrey – our paths rarely crossed while racing but getting to know her more through IronWomen has been great. Her story is genuine and inspiring on so many levels, and I’m proud to be a part of a platform that is sharing it! And to finally meet the great Sarah Bishop in person was a treat! If you listen to the episode you will figure out what I mean when I say, it was nice to know she isn’t actually a machine and somehow managed to make all of her amazing feats seem like something any of us could accomplish! 

You can listen to the episode on your app of choice as usual, or find it here. It will also be on the Live Feisty YouTube channel here. Let us know what you think! And, if you like what you see and you think we should continue our traveling roadshow, know that we would *love* to be making this sort of thing more regular. One way you can help us make that happen is to join our Patreon community. For as little as $2 a month you be a part of the movement and will be first in the loop for some exciting things that are in the works. 

Despite a brief delay getting out of Atlanta, travel seems to be going smoothly now and I’ll update from New Zealand. Taper ramblings will most likely consist of the gummies I am stock piling for after the race (the best kinds are from down under) and where I’m getting the best Flat White from, but those updates are the best kind. See you in Taupo!

Published by Alyssa Godesky

Alyssa is a professional triathlete who has logged over 8,000 miles in competition of swimming, biking and running across five continents. She came to triathlon from an ultrarunning background and over the last few years has found success back on the trails: in 2018 she set the female supported Fastest Known Time (FKT) on Vermont's 273 mile Long Trail in 5 days, 2 hours and 37 minutes. In 2020 she set the women's supported FKT for climbing the 46 High Peaks in the Adirondacks in 3 days, 16 hours and 16 minutes. She is a triathlon and running coach, and also enjoys spending time guiding hikers out on the trails. Alyssa is based in Charlottesville, VA with her dog Ramona.

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