Alyssa Godesky

November 19, 2013

Some things change…

For instance — I will not be racing JFK this year in a cotton t-shirt as I did in 2006 (ah, the good old days!!). But […]
November 13, 2013

“Off Season” Fun

It’s really is hard to believe that it has been about a month since racing on the Big Island! However, getting out of work in the […]
November 8, 2013

Holiday Shopping Ideas (for your runner or triathlete)!

Yep, full disclosure there are several sponsor shout-outs in this post. But I promise that everything is something I have or repeatedly lust after. As in, […]
November 2, 2013

New Endeavors

I’ve talked before on this blog about how important I think it is to enlist a coach in triathlon (see here and here). Hillary and I […]
October 26, 2013


As promised, the last of my Kona pics. I added some in some word bubbles with our conversations and thoughts so you can get a good look […]
October 22, 2013

Big News!

Big news people! And yes, it’s different than the news of my haircut (although bangs are pretty big news in my book!) There aren’t too many […]