Alyssa Godesky

March 31, 2011

>How to Ride a Bike, Part 1

>(or just how to look like you know how to ride a bike) Get BIB SHORTS! I’m super excited that I will be riding for Twenty20 […]
March 30, 2011

>Kindle me happy

>Everything was great until I got into the car to drive home. Pulled onto the ramp to get on 83 South and….dead stop. Nice. 30 minutes […]
March 24, 2011

>If this was last week, you’d be done now

>When I was growing up I played soccer in a league that was a few towns over. I can’t even imagine how many times my parents […]
March 22, 2011

>Thank yous

>My new fave thing to watch on the trainer is Jimmy Fallon (or Jimmy Balloon as my droid auto-correct likes to say). Today’s ep I was […]
March 20, 2011

>6 Words

>The NY Times ran a Valentine’s Day story this year asking people “What’s your 6 word love story?” I am a sucker for things like this. The […]
March 16, 2011


>So….I did my first Duathlon last weekend. It was….neat. Allow me to elaborate: About a month and a half ago I dug to the depths of […]