Alyssa Godesky

December 2, 2010


>I’ve hinted already that I have spent some time debating ultras vs. Ironman. Can they both be put on a race schedule and can you get […]
December 1, 2010


>“When it is all said and done, the HURT 100 is made up of souls: souls with young dreams, visions of sublime beauty, and the ever-present […]
November 30, 2010

>Weekly Countdown

>11/15 – Easy 5 miles; 45 minutes11/16 – 10 miles; 1:25 minutes11/17 – off11/18 – 2×2 mile, 9 miles total; 75 minutes11/19 – 31 miles on […]
November 27, 2010

>Twenty Ten

>So despite my super exciting plans I am lining up for next year, I would be amiss to not reflect on the past year. I think […]
November 24, 2010

>Are you serious? No, I’m for real.

>I know I owe myself a Week 2 training post, but I am going to combine weeks 2 and 3 for next week in the interest of […]
November 18, 2010

>Week 1

>So I half apologize for this post. Why only half? Because right now you’re reading it, and if you make it through you deserve a prize […]