>Good for a chuckle

>From Urban Dictionary:
bike-sexual November 2
Unlike guys who like gals, guys, or guys and gals; bike-sexual guys are only into bikes.
“I’m into him but it seems like he’s not into me. At first I thought he was stuck on his ex-girlfriend but now I think he’s just bike-sexual.”


>Maybe it was the woop woop…

>Or maybe it was the inspiration of the presidential election last night. Either way, I am ready to unveil my complete 2009 race plan. This plan includes much fewer races than this year – specifically six races. I will not race the same distance twice, and I will obvi be going for a PR in each distance. The plan is as follows:

1. January 25, 2009 – Miami Half Marathon
2. April 20, 2009 – Boston Marathon
3. May 17, 2009 – The Columbia Triathlon (Olympic Dist)
4. June 14, 2009 – Eagleman 70.3
5. August 30, 2009 – Ironman Louisville
6. November 21, 2009 – JFK 50 Mile

This is going to be hard for me. There were a few small summer races that I wanted to do, and I was looking at another 70.3 for the summer. However, I think narrowing my focus, and gradually building throughout the year will allow me to be in peak condition for each race. It will also let me go into each race completly focused, and knowing I have to Go Big, or Go Home. It also means I probably cannot take December easy like I was anticipating doing.

I will say I have allowed for a few exceptions in this plan. First and foremost, the IM is still my #1 race for the year. That being said, if I do not put up dece plus races at Columbia or Eagleman, I will most likely jump into either the Patriot’s Half-Lite or Luray International in August for the sake of getting my confidence up before Louisville. The other exception(s) are much less likely, but still there nonetheless: if I manage to pull off the races of my life at Eagleman and Louisville, and by the grace of God find myself with a spot to Clearwater and/or Kona, I will obviously not pass up those opportunities.

Oh…and Yes We Can 🙂

>This goes against everything I believe in

>The compulsion I have to share this video with friends is undeniable. Watch this vid (not at work, obvi) but don’t judge me for thinking its hilarious (the first video he did is also good, but this one’s better).

update: since the posting, I have watched each vid numerous times, and decided that his first video of this series is actually my fav.

update numero dos: I have also been coerced into telling how I found these vids to begin with. Well, when you pull up YouTube, you are given a list of “recommended videos” based upon your previous viewing history. Needless to say, “show me your genitals” happened to be in my list. Don’t judge me.

>My Voting Experience

>True to form, my voting experience was not quick and simple. Here’s a run down:
6:30 am. In line at voting establishment behind about 25 other peeps.
7:00 am. Doors open.
7:01 am. The patrons behind me are frantically yelling “alyssa??? alyssa??” I raise my hand and wave at them. They pass forward my voters registration card I apparently dropped. Now the 50 people behind me in line know not only my name and address, but also my current party affiliation.
7:10 am. Get my voting card thingy for the machine. Approach voting machine number 1. Insert my voter card. Voter card rejected. Re-insert voter card. Rejected. Repeat process 10 more times.
7:11 am. Raise my hand and try to get the attention of an “election judge”. Woman next to me feels I am trying to look over her cubby and gives me dirty looks, redirecting her body to make sure her stupid votes are shielded from my vision.
7:12 am. Head voting judge comes over, removes me from station number 1. Reissues me voting card, which allows me to get in front of the rest of the line that’s still coming through.
7:13 am. Frantically apologizing to everyone angry at me who thinks I am either voting twice or cutting in line.
7:15 am. Successfully insert new voting card into machine number 3 and cast ballot.
7:19 am. Receive I VOTED sticker from nice old lady who I think they kidnapped from the Walmart Greeters.
7:20 am. Proceed to trip down the steps of the building as I exit because I was flustered as a cute doctor jokes with me about how come I didn’t try to vote 3 times instead of just 2.
Current update: I can’t find my ID and I’m pretty sure I left it at the voting establishment. Excellent.

>You’ll never understand an ultrarunner…

>unless you run an ultra. And even then, you still may not. People run ultras for many reasons, and usually it’s not to be the fastest. That’s not what the sport is about for most people…in fact, for most of the people, being the fastest over the course of 50 miles isn’t even fathomable.

You can’t compare ultras to marathons, just like you can’t compare a marathon to a 5k. A great ultrarunner may not be a great marathoner. A great marathoner may not be a great half marathoner. In fact, watching the NYC Marathon just proves this point.

Running 26.2 miles is not easy. Running 50 isn’t either. If you’re out there attempting either, kudos to you. That’s really all there should be to it.

I could go on forever like this after reading THIS awful blog to which I won’t even give credit to by writing it’s name on my page.


>And starbucks will give you a free coffee!
Watch the comersh here.