May 24, 2012

Daytime Hashtags

1. I learned today that apparently people who run the 800 have big calves. I learned this from the woman giving me a chair massage, as […]
May 23, 2012

Wedding Bells and Chamois Time

This past weekend was a long one! When you head into a big weekend of training, it’s hard to say how you’re going to feel when […]
May 16, 2012

Six Week Itch

I am starting to feel the burn as I’m now 6 weeks out from an IM, with 1 half and 2/3’s of a half to go […]
May 14, 2012

A Crew’s Perspective

This past weekend I had the privilege of heading down into the Massnutten Mountains for some quality trail time. This trip was focused around the Massnutten Mountains Trails […]
May 9, 2012

New Kid on the Knox – Rev3 Knoxville Race Report

Life has been hectic since getting back home (at 1:30am Monday morning, no less!) but it has provided me some good time to gather my thoughts […]
May 4, 2012

Party Knox

First tri of the year means…. -Packing everything I could ever want, need, think I might need, maybe use if it’s -10 degrees, maybe want for […]