June 21, 2010


> I’ve spent a lot of the past 2 weeks trying to wrap up my feelings after Old Dominion. I guess I was kind of hoping […]
June 9, 2010

>Old Dominion 100 Mile

>”Now is not the time to be nervous. Now is the time to have courage.”-Kelly Cutrone Who would have thought I would manage to find the […]
May 28, 2010

>The waiting is the hardest part….

> Not too much to report. The taper has begun, which is generally the most nerveracking difficult time of the training process. The build/peak weeks are […]
May 17, 2010

>Rinse and Repeat

> *I’ve had this post sitting for awhile now, waiting to add things, but then I got lazy so I’m just combining a lot into a […]
May 2, 2010

>Things Fall Apart

>This post has nothing to do with Chinua Achebe’s book, but as I was running yesterday those words kept popping into my head as the theme […]
April 29, 2010

>A Comparison

>As race day comes closer and closer, I find myself doing more and more exactly what every ultrarunner does-but-should-never-do before a race….read as many reports about […]