March 26, 2009

>Thoughts of the day slash week

>1. After barely being able to touch my toes last night, I realized I really do need to focus on stretching (I think I mentioned that […]
March 20, 2009

>Utah Schmootah

>Dear Ironman, Please stop making more events.Fix the entry process instead.Exclusivity = awesomeness. xoxo, Alyssa
March 18, 2009

>besser essen, besser laufen.

>I have no idea what that means but it’s on the cover of the German Runner’s World. This month, Ultrarunning magazine did its 2008 review which […]
March 17, 2009

>I’m not as good as I once was

>2008 Rockville Twilight 8K vs. 2000 Celtic Solstice but don’t worry, I’m still pretty awes.
March 15, 2009

>Postcards from yo momma

>I may or may not have told you about my infatuation with this internet site before: www.postcardsfromyomomma.com In a nutshell, its a blog type page where […]
March 13, 2009

>Page 4.5

>So I walk into the Canton Merritt last night for my usual Thursday workout, and I go to do some pushups and situps before spin class, […]