December 28, 2008


>My roommates and I drank more bottles of wine this week (6) than boxes (1)….Oh, how classy we have become.
December 28, 2008

>Add it to the list…

>In addition to my already awes list of things I am going to invent slash publish, I will add this: A GPS that has a “please […]
December 26, 2008

>Don’t take it forgranted

>In the spirit of Christmas (or maybe because I watched Marley & Me and am a bit weepy), this post is a bit sentimental. Today I […]
December 24, 2008

>Quote of the day

>This little gem pretty much sums up my experiences of banking on Christmas Eve:Customer speaking to me: Girl, I saw your ass and I know you […]
December 23, 2008

>If you had to clean your goldfish…

> how would you do it? Due to a recent lack of attention to Mr. and Mrs. Sippi and their living environment, they have developed an […]
December 22, 2008

>Swagger of a college kid

>It never ceases to amaze me how slow and fat I can feel and seven days later feel awesome and fit. I love the realization that […]