December 19, 2008


>5 things I would enjoy seeing/hearing more of in 2009:-Reruns of Ally McBeal-Reruns of Mad About You-The song Betty Davis Eyes-New seasons of Real World/Road Rules […]
December 18, 2008

>Getting a coach

>Last night in the car the subject of getting a coach and how beneficial it can be to your training came up in conversation. If you […]
December 15, 2008

>Disco Stick Tri (aka Day 1)

>Maybe it was watching Bob win Survivor last night. Maybe it was waking up to a day of 66 degree weather. Maybe it was getting some […]
December 10, 2008

>Sometimes I impress myself

>This is one of those times. *another time I impressed myself today: Getting my team to guess Apocalypto in charades in under 1 minute.
December 9, 2008

>Things that are weird

>1. The fact that my hotel room has 6 ESPN channels and not MTV.2. The more dry/less dry knob on the clothes dryer machine. Who the […]
December 9, 2008

>Dream Scheme

> So after a weekend of partying like slash with rockstars in the Jers, I am back to blogging. Woop woop. First things first – if […]