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In July 2018, I, along with the help of the best crew in the world, thru-hiked from Canada to Massachusetts along the 273 mile Vermont Long Trail. After 5 days, 2 hours and 37 minutes, I became the fastest female to travel that trail with a crew for support. I called this journey Wandeln. Journeys of this kind are sometimes fast, and sometimes slow. They are hectic, and they are hurry-up-and-wait. They are frustration, happiness, endless rocks and beautiful sunsets. They are teamwork, they are hard work, they are preparation, and they are a little bit of luck.

Since finishing the Long Trail, I have found the confidence to pursue other adventures in the mountains. I will be sharing those adventures with you here!

Vermont’s Long Trail – July 2018

Voted 2018’s #1 Female FKT Of the Year

You can read about this FKT on ESPN.com here.

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46 High Peaks in the Adirondacks – August 2020

This FKT was run to support the Paden Institute & Retreat for Writers of Color. The Paden Institute is a cottage on Lake Champlain, where the Center for Law & Justice sponsors writers of color to come write during the summer months and enjoy the atmosphere of the Adirondacks. Over $6,500 was raised from supporters! Thank you to the sponsors and all those who donated for making this happen: Joel Gott Wine, VJ Shoes, NUUN Hydration, Smashfest Queen

You can read or listen to me chat about this FKT here.

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What’s next? The wheels are turning! Stay tuned 🙂