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Behind the Scenes with Alicia Kaye (S17E20) IronWomen podcast

Do you ever wonder how triathlon races are planned? How the length is decided, the setting, and how it is captured on video, etc.? Professional triathlete turned director of professional athletes for CLASH endurance, Alicia Kaye, discusses her history with athletics as well as her role with CLASH. CLASH creates races for both professional athletes and age groupers, and makes these races accessible for viewers to spectate virtually. Haley gets the behind-the-scenes sneak peek into CLASH races, and the inside scoop on what is yet to come. But that is not all! Finally, we get an update on Haley and Alyssa's most recent races. The two discuss the highs and lows of both St. George and The Longest Day Adventure Race. Follow Alicia on Instagram @aliciakayetri **Support the Podcast** Get 20% off at http://insidetracker.com/feisty (http://insidetracker.com/feisty) Use code FEISTY15 for 15% off at http://trihard.co/ (trihard.co) Register for the 2022 Verizon New York City Triathlon at https://www.nyctri.com/ (https://www.nyctri.com/) Use code STAYFEISTY for 30% off at https://nuunlife.com/ (https://nuunlife.com/) That’s It: 20% off your order at http://thatsitfruit.com/ironwomen (thatsitfruit.com/ironwomen) with code IRONWOMEN This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podsights – https://podsights.com/privacy Chartable – https://chartable.com/privacy
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