Smashfest Queen

Style for your Smashfest! Smashfest Queen has not only been the crew that’s helped me look great as a triathlete, but also a team that has been behind me every step of the way! I love all of the #TeamSFQ ladies and the support they offer - truly unparalleled in this sport!

NUUN Hydration

Fun Fact? I hate drinking plain water! That is why NUUN hydration has been a complete game changer for me. From everyday life to every workout of the day, I can happily stay hydrated with NUUN products!

ISM Saddles

Riding a bike doesn’t have to be a pain in the butt! I didn’t know this until I tried an ISM saddle. Don’t delay your comfort on a bike by riding anything else!


The team at Adaptive has been my go-to for marketing, branding, merchandise and swag. From building my website, social media guidance, design and printing, they cross the finish line each and every time. And as triathletes too, what could be better?!

ICE Friction

A more efficient ride and less maintenance? I'm sold! I've loved the ICED chains since riding with one at IM Chattanooga and will never go back to a regular chain after feeling the difference.

Cadence Running Company

Taking care of all my running needs, Cadence Running Company is a step above your normal running store! Check them out if you are in the Phoenix area!

DNA Movement

Working with Anne Pike for weekly massage has been an integral part of my training. This not only speeds up my recovery but helps me stay balanced and strong when I tackle each training session. She has magic hands!