Smashfest Queen

Style for your Smashfest! Smashfest Queen has not only been the crew that’s helped me look great as a triathlete, but also a team that has been behind me every step of the way! I love all of the #TeamSFQ ladies and the support they offer - truly unparalleled in this sport!

Dimond Bikes

When I made the decision to race as a professional, making the investment in the best tools available for me to swim, bike and run my fastest was part of the deal. It was a no­brainer for me when I discovered that the fastest and most comfortable bike out there is made in the US. Dimond is doing great things for the sport of triathlon and I’m thrilled to be a part.

ISM Saddles

Riding a bike doesn’t have to be a pain in the butt! I didn’t know this until I tried an ISM saddle. Don’t delay your comfort on a bike by riding anything else!


The team at Adaptive has been my go-to for marketing and branding help! From building my website to social media guidance, they go above and beyond every time. And as triathletes too, what could be better?!

ICE Friction

A more efficient ride and less maintenance? I'm sold! I've loved the ICED chains since riding with one at IM Chattanooga and will never go back to a regular chain after feeling the difference.

Endeavor Cycles

Having a local bike shop that’s on your side is huge! Endeavor understands that cycling is more than just riding bikes - it’s about community. I’m grateful to be a part of their community and have their support for the season!

Cadence Running Company

Taking care of all my running needs, Cadence Running Company is a step above your normal running store! Check them out if you are in the Phoenix area!

DNA Movement

Working with Anne Pike for weekly massage has been an integral part of my training. This not only speeds up my recovery but helps me stay balanced and strong when I tackle each training session. She has magic hands!

Honey Stinger

Training with high volume and racing a lot leaves a lot to be desired when nutrition products aren't natural. Honey Stinger changed that for me! I can often be found with a waffle pre-swim, post-swim with coffee, and as a bedtime snack! They are delicious, natural, and full of the calories I need to keep me going.

Sound Probiotics

When I began taking Sound Probiotics I noticed an immediate change for the better in my performance athletically. I tend to keep a high volume of training, and when coupled with travel all over the world for racing and training, my immune system becomes quite depleted. Sound Probiotics have helped me counteract that and continue to race and train as healthy as possible!


As a founding member and a Vice President of TriEqual, I hope that you will join us in the race for equality within triathlon. From #50WomenToKona to Equally Ambitious, there is a program for you to be involved in and we would love your support!